Park Rules & Reservations Policies

  • Late arrivals after 8:00 pm are rarely permitted, for the comfort of all our guests. Do not arrive late without prior consent.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any vehicle not meeting CFRVP Codes or our standards.
  • No soliciting in park.
  • No refunds for early departure, please do not ask.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service, or facilities use, or evict anyone at discretion of management without refund, for not abiding by park rules.
  • We cannot always guarantee individual sites, we will try our best to accommodate our customers, but we do reserve the right to change sites at any time without notice.
  • RVs must be 2000 or newer or approved by management. All RVs must be in very good condition. (Subject to visual inspection of external appearance.) We do take older restored RVs.
  • Guests assume all risk of use. We are not responsible for any loss or injury due to, but not limited to, fire, theft, vandalism, accident, negligence or acts of nature.
  • You are liable for the actions of your pets, children and guests, and are financially responsible for any damage done to park facilities.
  • All registered customers are responsible for their guests conduct and are required to notify their guests to register at the front office during office hours before entering the park. Guests must park where assigned. Anyone found not abiding by the rules are subject to tow at owners expense.

For The Enjoyment of All Guests

  • Please be mindful that this park is a family area. Please watch conduct and language and behave accordingly.
  • All Vehicles and trailers must park on site only.
  • DO NOT Park on grass!
  • Visitors must use visitor parking spaces only!
  • All visitors MUST register at the office before entering the park.
  • Maximum of five (5) adults per RV.
  • Guest vehicles are limited to one RV and one car/truck per site.
  • Extra parking is available.
  • Visitors cars must be checked in at park office and must be parked in designated visitor parking area. Cars not checked in at office are subject to being towed at visitors expense.
  • Children must be supervised at all times and children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult in the store, restrooms and playground.
  • No skateboards or bicycles on sidewalks.
  • Do not move picnic tables without permission from management.
  • Trash is to be bagged and placed in dumpsters - household garbage only. All boxes must be broken down.
  • Do not grill on plastic picnic tables without protecting them from the heat.
  • Sealed sewer elbow is required on all sewer hoses. Guests cannot connect without it. No exceptions! Elbows are available for purchase in store.
  • Sewer Connection must be tight and sealed. Must use sewer elbow! Replace cap when leaving.
  • Be cautious in freezing weather, all surfaces could be icy. You are responsible for preventing our faucets from freezing. You must disconnect your hose from our faucets each night when temps are freezing. No exceptions of any kind!
  • Water Connection must not leak. Recommend regulator. Our pressure is up to 90 PSI.
  • All Buildings are non smoking, alcohol and pet free.
  • Notify management if RV will be unoccupied more than 24 hours.
  • Articles left outside may get wet when watering.
  • No outside lights allowed of any kind except porch lights, without permission.
  • No tents or structures in RV sites.
  • No hanging outdoor sunscreens or sunrooms without prior permission from park staff.
  • When making reservations please let us know if you have 4-wheelers or motorcycles.

The Most Important Rule of All...

Enjoy Your Stay at Columbia Falls RV Park & Please Come Again!

Pets Policies...

Columbia Falls RV Park is a pet friendly park, but we do enforce a strict pet policy!

Pets (max of 2 / or with park managers approval) - All pets outside must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet and owner must be outside with them at all times. No pet pens outside without management approval. Walk and exercise pets only in designated areas! There are two fenced in dog runs on the property, one for smaller dogs, and one for larger dogs.

Dog waste must be placed in plastic bag and properly disposed of. Do not tie pets to trees or picnic tables. DO NOT leave pets unattended in RVs. Excessive barking will result in you being asked to leave before scheduled.

No washing of pet bedding in park laundry facilities.

The following types of dogs are not allowed at Columbia Falls RV Park: American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Presacanario, Pitbull Terriers, or any breeds in the Pitbull family or Pitbull-crosses. No Rottweilers, Wolf, Wolf-mix, or any dog with aggressive behavior. Any person with a pet showing aggressive behavior toward other animals will be asked to leave the park!

Please do not allow pets to relieve themselves on any grassy areas. Please use pet walk areas or gravel roads. And ALWAYS PICK UP AFTER YOUR PETS! Anyone not abiding by park rules will be asked to leave without refunds.


No alcohol in office, showers, or laundry room. Drunk and disorderly behavior will not be tolerated and will result in park management contacting local authorities and expulsion from the park.

Anyone found not abiding by park rules will be asked to leave without refund!

The following activities are PROHIBITED in the park...

  • Self repairs, oil changes.
  • Trash, garbage cans, refrigerators, freezers, or storage outside of RVs.
  • Motorcycles, ATVs, Powered Scooters riding except for entering and leaving.
  • No running of generators!
  • NO Mats, carpets etc. on grass!
  • Clotheslines or laundry hanging.
  • Tents or Outdoor sleeping on RV sites.
  • Firearms, fireworks, slingshots in park.
  • No washing of pet bedding in laundry
  • No wood or open fires inside the park. (Propane and charcoal fires okay.)

Note: Washing of RVs and vehicles is allowed onsite for an extra fee:
RVs: $8.00
Cars/Vehicles: $3.00
Note: There is no charge for washing off front of RV only.

NOTE: You MUST use a nozzle on your hose!

Deposit & Cancellation Policy

A deposit of your first night will be charged to your CC when you make your reservation. For daily cancellations a 48 hour notice is required as well as a $20 cancellation fee. For weekly cancellations a 10 day notice is required along with a $50 cancellation fee. For monthly cancellations a 30 day notice is required along with a $100 cancellation fee.

*** NO REFUNDS!!! ***

without required cancellation notices.

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Directions: From the intersection of Hwy 206 & Hwy 2 - Take Hwy 2 headed towards Columbia Falls (turn west). You will pass the Water slides, then further up go over the bridge crossing the Flathead river. CFRV Park is just about 1/2-3/4 mile after you go over the bridge on the Right-hand side of the highway. Watch for our Tall sign.

From the intersection of Hwy 2 & Junction 40. Head East on hwy 2 going to Columbia Falls. We are located on the East side of town, on the left-hand side of the road. Watch for our tall sign. After about the second or third light signal you will want to get in the left (inside) lane so you can make a left turn into our Entrance. This is on a slight curve just past the last stop light. Drive carefully. Watch for our Tall sign on the left.

Directions from Hwy 93 & Junction 40. From the intersection of Hwy 93 and Hwy 40 head east on Hwy 40 till you come to the intersection of Hwy 2 and Hwy 40 (approx. 4.5 miles). Continue driving straight east into Columbia Falls (hwy 40 automatically turns into hwy 2 at the intersection). After about the second or third light signal you will want to get in the left (inside) lane so you can make a left turn into our Entrance. This is on a slight curve just past the last stop light. Drive carefully. Watch for our Tall sign on the left.

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