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Unique Small Towns near Columbia Falls

While Columbia Falls has a lot to offer in its own right, it is close to a number of unique small towns, each of which has its own special appeal. Below, we've listed our favorite nearby towns and mentioned why you should consider visiting them. If you have any questions about these offbeat destinations, give us a call. We'll be happy to answer your questions.


  • Distance from us: 9.7 miles northwest
  • Main attraction(s): Big Mountain

Whitefish, Montana is one of the state's best-known resort towns, especially among skiers: Whitefish is considered one of the best ski towns in the United States. With a population of approximately 7,500 residents, Whitefish is quite a bit larger than other small towns in the area. Here, you'll find a variety of options for shopping, eating, drinking, and simply hanging out. The areas surrounding Whitefish offer plenty of opportunities for hiking, road biking, mountain biking, rafting and kayaking, and many other activities. And Whitefish has Montana's only 36-hole golf course, the Whitefish Lake Golf Club.

Hungry Horse

  • Distance from us: 6.3 miles east
  • Main attraction(s): Hungry Horse Dam

Hungry Horse, Montana is a town of about 900 residents, just east of us on Highway 2. The town is between Flathead River's Middle Fork and South Fork. It's the site of Hungry Horse Dam and Hungry Horse reservoir. The dam is definitely an interesting place to visit. You can even walk (or drive) across the entire dam. You also have the opportunity to circle the entire Hungry Horse reservoir by following a number of paved and unpaved roads. Hungry Horse is also the location of the trailhead for the Gateway to Glacier Trail. This is a 10.5 mile paved trail that connects Hungry Horse to West Glacier, Montana, and it's open to biking, as well as hiking.

Martin City

  • Distance from us: 7.5 miles east
  • Main attraction(s): Cabin Fever Days

Martin City, Montana, just US Highway 2 from Hungry Horse, has around 500 residents. Created in the 1950s during construction of Hungry Horse Dam, Martin City is best known for it's Cabin Fever Days, an annual winter festival that is typically held in February. The festival is comprised of a number of entertaining events, including roshambo, arm wrestling, dart throwing, and snowshoe softball. The most popular event during Cabin Fever Days is the Barstool Ski Races. The name is self-explanatory. Race categories include steerable bar stools, non-steerable bar stools, and an anything-goes open class.


  • Distance from us: 9.3 miles northeast
  • Main attraction(s): Glacier Distilling Company

Coram, Montana is a town of about 500 residents, up Highway 2, near West Glacier. Basically, Coram is a great place to make a pitstop just before you get to Glacier National Park. The town has a number of restaurants and bars, a distillery, and a number of family-friendly attractions. The Fun Center, in particular, is a place kids will enjoy. It has a large maze, go carts, bumper boats, and mini golf. Glacier Distilling Company is also a popular attraction. They brew alpine whiskey and other spirits. You can visit their Whiskey Barn and tasting room when you stop by.

West Glacier

  • Distance from us: 18.1 miles northeast
  • Main attraction(s): Main entrance to Glacier National Park

The small community of West Glacier, Montana (pop. approx. 225) is the gateway to Glacier National Park's west side. The town is your last chance to pick up supplies before you enter the park. It is also a great place to hire a local guide to Glacier National Park, if you need one. The town has plenty of businesses dedicated to fly-fishing trips, hikes, whitewater rafting, and backcountry horseback riding. West Glacier is just a mile from Lake McDonald and a short distance from Middle Fork Flathead River, making it an excellent starting point for a fly-fishing adventure.